How do I delete/remove marked locations “Tourenfahrer”

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Hi there,

Ive just bought a rider 550 and it’s done the same as what it did to my Rider 40. I have all 11 Marked Locations; Bikerbetten Hotels, MoHo Hotels, Tourenfahrer Endurotracks, Tourenfahrer meeting points, Tourenfahrer Musuem, Tourenfahrer Passes and Tourenfahrer Racetracks. I am from Australia how did these get on my device and how can I get rid of them. I tried the 'Hide" function but that does not hide them. They are still visible under "My Places" - "Marked Locations". They will not delete under "Edit - "Delete". Can you please help?


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    You can't delete “Tourenfahrer” POI's only hide them from showing up on the map.

    Maybe @VikramK can remove the “Tourenfahrer” POI's for you.
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    Hi @Stu7
    I have asked our 2nd Line team to remove the POIs through a script. Just connect it to MyDrive Connect and the jobs will be processed automatically when you check for updates.

    To avoid these installations in the future you can de-select them using the 'My Content' tab in MyDrive Connect.

    Regards, Vikram
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    I tried to delete the marked locations too but edit doesn't give the facility to select / delete. I am in Scotland and these are of no value and irritating. Any other way of zapping the list as Stu7 has detailed?
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    @Mad Farquhar
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    Contact Tomtom Support and ask them to remove the unwanted POI categories
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    The way of contacting Customer Services has changed
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