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How do you block a road/avoid a road?

With Garmin it was so simple. How do you do it in a TomTom device?

I lost an hour, in a city, trying to avoid a road that is not suitable for cars...yet I can't fathom how to tell the satbab to avoid it.

There is another road, with a toll road. I don't want to avoid all toll roads...just that one...I managed to report it, but the satnav still wants to go down that road...

I simply can't fine the option to avoid/block a particular road.

Any help out there? I've wasted an hour on the road going round in frustrated circles, and another hour trying to find the menu to do what I need it to once I'd got home.

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    Hi @BerryBunch

    It depends on which Tomtom device you are talking about. If you are on a Journey and there is a Blocked Road ahead then you can

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap Current Route
    Tap Avoid Blocked Road

    Then the unit should calculate a route around the blockage in front of you.

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    i tried doing that, it rerouted me, but then it tried to bring me back to the road i'd just tried to avoid. i gave up after an hour, drove out the city, and went back in from a route I do know...(after it had, twice, tried to get me to drive down a pedestrian only zone as well.

    can't you simply locate hte road and manually block it - it isn't really safe doing that while driving...