Road closed send in in januari but navigation still sends me trough

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The van Berckelstraat in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is closed for traffic since august 2020. I reported this in januari 2021. Status on mapshare says fixed but my navigation keeps sending me trough. This is very annoying because I live nearby and every start of my route is wrong because I’m told to go via van Berckelstraat while it is closed. Report I’d is 8892cf5d-3d06-4ba2-b53a-e4d3ed17c438. What to do now?


  • rider1rider
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    tomtom takes 6 months to change maps after accept
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    If reported as a temporary road closure, the closure often is live within minutes in my experience. Did you try to report as a temporary closure?
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    How do you report a temporary closure? As mentioned before, reporting via mapshare is useless. How can I report this via the android app (whilst not driving off course)?
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    You can report a temporary closure in the MSR tool. Choose 'Traffic flow' > 'Closed' > 'Temporary'