GO Supreme 6 connection pin worn

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My device is worn at the rear, not always charging and I have to many times jiggle the magnetic mount to get it on charge, sometimes giving up.

The other connection pins are gold though this pin is silver in colour and uneven when magnified.

1. Would metal sanding paper the connection pin even help or the device cannot be repaired?
2. Suggest another alternative mount where the USB cable can be directly input into the device rather than the mount (avoiding this worn pin)?
3. Internal battery not holding it's charge very long now.

Suggestions besides a full replacement is appreciated.


  • YamFazMan
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    Looks like a poor connection Between the Device and the Mount, and the connection has overheated and burnt ???
    Are the Connections on the Mount distorted/bent ???

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  • jeis222
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    Hello YamFazMan.

    The connections seem ok on the mount.
    Nothing noticeable out of arrangement.
    Went for a drive today and after maybe 10 minutes, it started charging by itself in the mount.
    The next time after returning to the car, it did not charge at all.
    The cable is fine with no kinks and the connector not loose.
    I directly plugged the gps unit into the usb avoiding the mount, no issue.