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export favorites to ov2 file

my imported POI can be exported form my device (through mydrive.tomtom.com) to my computer
But how do I export "my favorites" to an ov2 file (or KML or GPX) to my computer?
I have found the next info in het HELP website,
but that is not possible in MyDriveConnect

So : How can I export my favorites to an OV2 file on my computer


  • LochfrassLochfrass Posts: 15,495
    Which device do you own?
  • alin_deromalin_derom Posts: 57 [Master Explorer]
  • LochfrassLochfrass Posts: 15,495
    When i´m right you mean the "myPlaces (mijn plaatsen)" from your device.

    See this Post from YamFazMan
  • alin_deromalin_derom Posts: 57 [Master Explorer]
    I had seen that link but missed the part "MyPlaces to .Ov2 POI file converter tool"

    I'll check it out in the afternoon.
  • alin_deromalin_derom Posts: 57 [Master Explorer]
    Thanks Locfrass,
    your link https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/comment/1744125/#Comment_1744125 helped for exporting "My places" and converting to OV2. That OV2 can be imported in mydrive.tomtom.com, and exported again as OV2.
    GREAT !!

    But (and I know this is not a real "tomtom" issue) I actually try to import this into google MAPS -> My Places -> "maps" ("kaarten" in Dutch)
    I did this with previous POI of TomTom. I converted them using https://www.poieditor.com/poi_convert/ov2-to-kml/ . This worked well (as of today). But when I try the same with the OV2 file of "MyPlaces" then the conversion does not work.
    For some reason the information for the "old" POI and the "mY Places POI is different.

    Example of "working" OV2 data :
    Ä> Strand Naracu Nieddu betaal park . 3¶
    ±> Strand roze kiezel CALA sarraina 2 3¶
    ±> Strand Cala Sarraina roze kiesel bar ! ߌ

    examples of not working OV2 data
    ±> Sard Strand Cala Sarraina roze kiesel bar 4667a234-8770-4398-ae89-4bcd0130efa8 Y Áè
    Ä> Sard Strand Naracu Nieddu betaal park e11af752-4d3e-4848-bc7d-99679a17c9bb V Gv
    ªt> Sard tandarts SERRA via ampuria 62 5e534906-ec21-4d1b-b0ad-a0695bb90b05 O RÔ

    Any suggestions
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