Go Supreme with multiple phones

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I have a go5000 that is perfect for my needs, but the battery is toast - lasts less than 30seconds - and the mount has now started playing up too, so I either need a new mount or to take up the offer for a discounted upgrade to the GOsupreme.

I share the device with my wife, so at the moment the 5200 is fine as neither of us pair our phones. But if I go Supreme then to get traffic data (and in all honesty that's 90% of why we use it) then depending on who is using it then we'd need that phone to be used for the data. Would we need to repair each time, or would it pick up whichever is available automatically once they have each been paired once? If it matters, I'm android, she's on iphone.

Another wrinkle is that I also have a tomtom rider I use on my motorbike, and that's on a different email address as I couldn't add a second device. That rider is connected to my phone, is that going to be a pain/problem?

Thanks in advance.


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    Any responses on topic to my original question? Can I have two phones paired and will it automatically/easily select the one I want to supply the traffic data feed?
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    On my Premium it only selct the first Paired Smartphone (from my Work). When i use my private Phone, then i must select it in the satnav unter bluetooth.
    I have not tested it with the new Firmware wich today is offered.