GO SUPREME - Route Planning/Display time when not route planned

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How do you display the time when you haven't got a route set?
How do you plan your own route on new Go Supreme? the support page can't be reached. Links don't work


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    Hi, Whilst it won't answer your particular questions, you can browse/download the "full" Go Discover/Supreme manual here:

    As for your questions:
    1) displaying the time - as far as I know you can't, you couldn't on the earlier GOs either.
    2) To set a single destination, click on the Search button and choose your method of searching for the destination, or choose one of your saved places by clicking on the Menu button (bottom left) then selecting the My Places button. To set a multiple destination route, you'll have to wait for someone else to answer - I don't know.

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    The instructions for the Go Premium are almost identical to those for the Supreme. Only the Premium would have an internal sim card
    Maybe it will help you a little.

    Displaying the time without a route is hardly possible. You can display it via the status bar in the menu, but then you do not see the map in the background, because you are in the menu.