Europe Truck Map Corrupted

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Have a Go Professional 4PL60, on My connect it is showing as map corrupted/Repair, it tries to do the repair and ends back at the same point, to start again got no working map on my device, cant even get into delice to reset it


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Parcelgiant
    It seems that you have two maps installed -one on the internal memory and the other on a memory card.
    Could you remove the memory card and do a soft reset. Let me know if the map loads.

    Regards, Vikram
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    My Go premium 4PL60 has developed the same issue. A few days ago I turned it off while on a ferry. Later it would not start. I looked on this page for answers and tried charging for over 6hrs. It started after some time and advised I needed a new map. It loaded and then just goes black and displays the TOMTOM log, then off& on repeatedly, after 2hrs it went off. I turned it on, displayed the world map, then flashed the logo off and on again. There is No Sd card. It wont turn off until disconnected from the power supply. Purchased directly from TOMTOM on 20/4/21. It is used daily as I work for the NHS as a community health professional.
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    you are under warranty so

    an email message to after-sales service
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    Hi @Mike1OT

    Try the following. If you have an Apple or similar Mobile Phone charger plug that will take the USB cable then charge the unit for 2 hours plus. After charging Press and hold the On/Off button in for 20 seconds plus until you hear the drumroll sound.