POI sync?

nigel sutherwood
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when are we going to be able to sync our poi's from mydrive???? ever since we have been forced to use the new version of go it does not sync, DO YOU GUYS AT TOMTOM NOT UNDERSTAND WHY WE WANT POI SYNC, YOU CANNOT UPGRADE AND LEAVE A KEY FEATURE FROM THE UPGRADE.


  • tgold
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    All my Place in MyDrive appear in GO Navigation and vice versa. Make sure they are both logged into the same account and that you turn on MyDrive Sync in GO Navigation's TomTom Services menu.
  • Lochfrass
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    Yes. that´s right. Own Poi (.ov2) was not supported yet. For my Poi i use the App "PinPoi". So i can sent the Poi to another app like Go Navigation, MyDrive,G Maps and other.
    I hope they support own Poi soon.
  • nigel sutherwood
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    ok what i don't get is a company like tomtom that would allow a forced upgrade to a newer version that is not ready to be released. I purchased a subscription to use my device solely for the ability to use own poi, if it was just a matter of a few weeks before it was re-added. then fine but its been several months. why not allow older version to be used while sorting out the new version. i still don't get it. a fundamental part of the navigation system that is not included in an upgrade. it took years to sort out the tt6000 system so I'm a little concerned they're going to do the same here and drag their feet.