Go Supreme Problems

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I purchased a Go Supreme in May 2020 and on at least 6 occasions I have list the speed cameras and sound. The only way I can get those functions back is to reset the unit. I am very disappointed with this unit.


  • GeoffCleaves
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    Is this an ongoing problem with this unit?
  • VikramK
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    Hi @GeoffCleaves
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    Are you referring to a factory reset here?

    Main menu-Settings-System- Reset

    Thanks, Vikram
  • Peter_200652
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    Hi all.
    I have a go supreme and device seems loose on the little swivel ball on the holder
    Is there any way of tightening it
  • Poh29f_
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    I have the GO Supreme. Whenever I use it in my Honda CRV it causes the car monitor to flash on and off and it affects the radio. I have unpaired it from the car and that sometimes helps. I have also turned off the Bluetooth on my iPhone. That helps but then I do not receive calls on my phone. I don't want to buy another GPS. I bought this one when I could no longer download maps on my old GPS with lifetime maps.