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I subscribe to the to Tom app via the Apple App Store but it doesn’t show up in my online account? Is this expected?

I thought I could share the subscription with my wife but if I log her phone onto my account it says no subscription which I presume is linked to the issue above?

Can this be fixed or must we wait until family sharing is implemented?


  • lampard
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    Hi @RichieG

    Welcome to the Community! Are you able to see the subscription on your phone? Have you tried the 'Restore purchases' option? You need to log in with the App Store account that was used to purchase the subscription.

    We will offer Family Sharing to our subscribers with a special family plan. You can expect this new plan to become available soon. Thank you for your patience!

    Regards, lampard
  • RichieG
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    Yes, my phone shows the subscription fine and works, after I’ve done restore purchases. However, this doesn’t show on my online account and when I try from my wife’s phone is says you have no valid subscription?

    To be honest the family sharing option has been promised for some time now so I don’t really feel this is an option. Plus if there’s going to be additional cost then we’d look else where. If you only have one car you both can’t really use TomTom at the same time....