Nav4 update /install go 500

attimag Registered Users Posts: 2
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this is the biggest bullshit ever .you pay u get nothing , you chet u ar ok.
please let me know why can i not install this fukker to my device


  • DougLap
    DougLap Posts: 9,822
    Hi @attimag

    There is an issue re downloading the Nav update which is known by TT and they are working on a solution.

    Try again later to see if it has been resolved .

  • attimag
    attimag Registered Users Posts: 2
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    Thanks for the prompt answer Doug ,unfortunately your answer do not solve my problem.
    Where is the right link to download and update ?
    TomTom customer support is worth nothing at the moment. There is no right answer to any Questions concerning this issue.
    Why do we have to go thru this harassment after we payed for the updates and aspect to have a decent service from TomTom?
    I hope that you still need some customers to pay for the shit service you have at the moment .
    Sorry for my language but i am very disappointed what TomTom makes in the last time, specially paying for the(NO) service.