Unfortunately I have decided to terminate my subscription

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Hi TomTom,

Unfortunately, I have just terminated my subscription. Because my subscription expires in the middle of next month, but I have not been able to use the TomTom GO App on my iPhone in combination with CarPlay for a long time, I have decided to do so.

I have been very fond of TomTom for years (and somehow still do), but the lack of energy with regard to the (further) development of the app and the use in combination with Apple CarPlay, such as the overheating of my previous iPhone 8 Plus, but now also my iPhone 11 Pro Max and the shortcomings of CarPlay I unfortunately saw no other possibility.

Somehow I hope that this communication will trigger TomTom even more to take the problems seriously and to work on them. I will continue to follow this topic from time to time.

For now I am and will remain a 'Happy-Wazer'.