Why does Live Traffic now require costly "personal hotspot" service?

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The TomTom 620 I bought with the promise of lifetime traffic no longer receives traffic data from my iPhone. That's because my AT&T unlimited data plan doesn't include "personal hotspot". Wasn't an issue before so it must be from a TomTom software update. Does anyone know a workaround? It used to work!


  • DougLap
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    Hi @PS36

    When you Pair your iPhone to the TT unit all you do is have the Personal Hotspot turned on in the Iphones Settings but you do not get asked for the Personal Hotspots Password neither does the TT units Wifi show you as connected to the Personal Hotspot.

  • PS36
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    Thanks Doug -- problem is Personal Hotspot isn't an option in my settings because it isn't part of my AT&T service. My plan simply shares data with devices via bluetooth.