My Navigation GO Premium X not working

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After making a number of attempts to get through to TOMOM customer services I don't have the choice to get them through this option If I would have any idea their customer service is such a crap I was never going to buy their product, First of all, it took me more than 8 weeks to get my order even I paid for quick delivery like 2 to 3 days. previously it took me days to get through to them. It is not even more than a 3 weeks I was using their Navigation GO PREMIUM X ZT6410T00231 yesterday I went to a job and my navigation stopped working there is no power in it at all and I end up in the middle of nowhere which was a big disappointment for me. I want someone from tomtom get in touch with me and let me know what is the warranty of my device I bought one of their most expensive product which broken down in 3 weeks and it is really hard to get through to them and Looks like my money is wasted.


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    Anyone knows any of their contact number I can get through to them also want to mention when I received my navigation box was broken and there were finger marks on my device I was bit disappointed but it cleaned it myself as I been waiting for my product for long time and I needed it I just started using is I also checked online I was supposed to get my device in a big fancy box but I received it in a small box which was broken too I believe it was not a brand new Product it is graded/refurbished or used product been sent to me I been sent the product from Europe somewhere why I have t received item from UK
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    See a previous post on the same subject....
    "Premium X no Presentation Box"

    Contacting Tomtom Support….
    Due to COVID-19 the phone service has been suspended
    For Tomtom Support Email or Chat lines...
    (Monday to Friday Normal Office Hours)

    The way of contacting Customer Services has changed

    (1)... A couple of Tips when Contacting Tomtom Support....

    (2)... Tomtom FAQ … How to Contact Tomtom Support....

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    Hi @sbusinessuk

    There has been no Phone line Customer Support since the start of the current situation and so many working from home. Last week there was one poster here who resolved their issue using Chat within 30 minutes of raising their issue here and being directed to them.

    Try the following:-

    Tap Support at the top of this page
    Sign in Top Right of next Page. (you have to do this)
    When signed in Tap Contact Us bottom right
    Help Box appears and after a few seconds Get in Touch also appears
    Tap Get in Touch
    You are now offered Chat or Email. If Chat is closed it will tell you the hours that it will be available.

    Chat is busy you may have to try a few times.

    Regarding deliveries Tomtom seem to deliver all their products from somewhere in Europe just as I found can happen with some products ordered from Amazon when I have one of their depots within 10 miles of where I live.

    Are you using the supplied charger and cable that came with the unit or are you by chance plugging the cable into a USB socket in the car. If the latter the power output of the USB socket, probably circa 0.5a, is not enough to run the unit and charge at the same time and will eventually go flat.

    To check whether or not the issue is the mount try plugging the cable directly into the premium and see if it charges which you can check by Tapping Menu the look at the battery Icon Top right and see if there is a charging sign in it.

    Have you tried charging the unit using an Apple iPhone charger plug with the supplied cable as that will give a good charging supply.

    Regarding the deliver I cannot comment re the boxing which if you say was broken, maybe the prints are from the delivery companies personnel, but there were delays advised by Tomtom following the turn of the year and the new Brexit rules. There were problems with some companies refusing to deliver to the UK for a period but as I think TT are UK Vat rated there should have not been a problem and it seems deliveries are now occurring hopefully as I am awaiting something.

    Your unit will still be covered under warrantee and you will need to contact Customer Support to arrange repair.