What is the difference between GO 620 and GO Supreme 6"

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I have had five Tomtom VIA in family cars and loved the simplicity, but four are now obsolete.

TomTom is offering me an upgrade from obsolete model to GO 620. On-line reviews are very negative.
Supreme 6 has same rrp, and mixed reviews.

What are the differences between the two models please?


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    GO620 has no internal GPRS modem and can NOT connect to 2G cellphone nets to receive traffic data. Traffic data can be received via smartphone bluetooth (+ tethering enabled) or via smartphone WiFi hotspot. This principle is called BYOC (bring your own connection) and can use 3G, 4G, 5G as well.

    GO6200 / GO Supreme have a internal GPRS modem and can connect to 2G cellphone nets for such services. BUT 2G has been started to been switched off by providers in some countries. As example Australia and Switzerland. Such devices also have BYOC capabilities to get around the switch-off.

    Be aware that TomTom just released the new GO Discover models.
    They are BYOC units as well.

    @DougLap - thanks for correction :3
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    Hi @lensf @kumo

    Go Supreme Superb does NOT have an inbuilt Mobile sim. It is the Premium based model with all that offers but does not have the inbuilt mobile sim and requires linking your phone by Bluetooth to get access to Traffic data etc via the phones sim.

    The GO Supreme is the same as the GO620 hardware wise but has additional features such as IFTTT. The model has been released in areas that have shut down their 2g.system .

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