Go Premium lists 51 updates to maps not installed - can these notifications be removed?

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When connecting my Go Premium X to MyDrive it lists 51 available updates - all to maps not loaded on the device. Can I remove these items from the list?
I don't want to have to scroll through all these to see if any useable updates are present or do I just have to ignore it and rely on wi-fi to auto-update when required?

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    Hi @Barrie27

    If your Premium X is directly logged into Mydrive via your Wifi and not connected to your PC if you:-

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap Updates and New Items

    What are you offered as updates. You should only be offered updates for the maps you have downloaded on the unit. Someone else made the same observation recently so maybe @VikramK can look at this to see if there is an issue with My Drive Connect.

    One tip I would give you is to have a minimum of 2 maps loaded on the unit. If you have Europe loaded then add something like either Iraq or Venezuela as they are very small files. The reason is when you do Updates you should do them one at a time and if there is a problem during a Map update as the original is deleted first you could finish up losing the map. With the small map present then you can still operate the unit normally as it needs a map to start then you can go to Add a map and reload the lost map.

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    I had loaded the Iraq map onto my old 5100 for the exact reason above after an update failed and left me without any maps necessitating a call to support to restore the device.
    This time I decided to take it further and load both the Iraq and UK & Ireland maps and delete the large Europe one (I can always load a part-Europe map later if I do decide to drive over that way).
    The Premium X was connected via USB to MyDrive at the time but yes, I noticed that MyDrive did not update until I switched it off and back on again so whether the maps were loaded through the USB connection or wi-fi I can't tell.
    As far as the MyDrive app goes, it looks like I only need to use it for route planning as the Premium X will handle any updates automatically over wi-fi.