TomTom MyDrive Connect stuck "Checking 100%" - a solution

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Today, attempting to update the speed cameras map on my Rider 410, I hit a problem where MyDrive Connect remained at "Checking - 100%" for an hour or more (MyDrive Connect, Windows 10) .

I searched the forum and eventually carried out a variant of one suggestion which worked. In case this is of use to anyone:

In the system tray, right-click on TomTom MyDrive Connect and select Settings
Go into the Downloads tab and make a note of the download folder name
Stop MyDrive Connect
Go into Task Manager and use the Details tab to kill off any remaining vestiges of MyDrive Connect
Do a reset on the device by holding down the power button
Go into the download folder that you made a note of the name of earlier and delete all the files in it
Restart MyDrive Connect
Connect the device

It should now go through the map update process correctly.


  • VikramK
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    Welcome to the community!
    Are you using a wired internet connection when trying to download updates?
    The application perhaps does not have enough permissions through security software and firewalls. Also, the network with restrictions could cause a problem.

    See this article for more information-

    Regards, Vikram
  • tauzero
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    I had turned off my VPN and this was connected through a wired connection. I have used this identical setup several times for map updates.