Watch not finding cadence sensor

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I have attached a speed and cadence sensor to my bike following the instructions. I have made sure the gaps between magnet and sensor are as small as possible, but the watch is unable to find the sensor. It just flashes the crank arm symbol continuously. Is there any way of checking what is wrong?


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    It does not work with some dual speed/cadence sensors due to how they transmit the data. It should theoretically work if the device is a dual speed/cadence sensor transmitting in BT+. Press down and go to Sensors>Bike> On and then spin the pedals to start up the sensor. The sensor screen will show the cadence and speed it is picking up. Make sure you set the tire size correctly as well by going into the cycling activity and pressing down and selecting Tore Size and inputting the correct value. Finally, when installing the sensor, make sure all the magnets are within proximity to the pod (within 2-3mm). You may need to tilt the pod into the back wheel well to pick up the spoke magnet..

    Also make sure no other devices are using the sensors. If you previously synced with a phone on you will need to turn it off before the watch will pick up the sensor. BT is a one-to-one relationship, so it goes with the first device it finds. Deselect the sensor from the app and turn off BT on your phone and try it again with the watch. If the watch is not sensing the sensor, try pairing the sensor with a phone app (I like Wahoo Fitness) and see if that recognizes it.

    Finally, try doing a factory reset and try pairing it again.