Problem with the Bluetooth connection affecting headphones

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I have a Spark 3 with software version 1.7.64. Connection between TomTom headphones and watch drops when I do exercise outside. Any SW update available to fix it?
See following post which find a SW fix solution:


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    There are no software fixes and have not been in the 3 years since TT Sports went out of business. The watches are a dead obsolete product.

    Reception issues are generally from the watch not being on the same side of the body as the headphone antenna. With the headphones with the controls on the right, the watch needs to be on the right. On the ones on the left, the watch needs to be on the left and the control pod needs to hang a bit loose, don't have the neck strap cinched up tight. The watch has a small power supply, so it transmits a weaker signal than a phone or tablet, so it is very sensitive to position. It really needs to be on the same side of the body as the antenna, so your body doesn't block the signal. There are numerous factors that affect playback quality: the placement of the antenna in the headphones, the strength of the antenna, the strength of the signal produced by the watch (which is limited by transmission standards), the environment it is used in (which determines how much signal is lost versus bounced back to the headphones), battery strength of the headphones, etc. You also need to look at how many layers you are wearing. If you have multiple layers of clothes on it will also block the signal. The only thing a user can really impact is the location of the watch relative to the antenna headphone and how much layers they are wearing.