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Maps incomplete on Rider 500

Rodger_MilnerRodger_Milner Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
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The data in the maps of my new Rider 500 seem to have been considerably downgraded in comparison to the old (2013) Rider! For instance, The Sofie Hotel in Hamburg (Alter wall 40) is absent as is the "Cafe Gersfeld (Das Original)" in Gersfeld (Röhn). That's just two examples of many I have found. I must say, if this is the general map standard, then I will probably get rid of the TomTom. Both these points (and many more!) were in the old Rider. What's up?
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  • TigerRiderTigerRider Posts: 140 [Revered Navigator]
    edited February 5
    @Rodger_Milner, perhaps these venues didn't renew their subscription to be listed in the latest TomTom Maps release or perhaps some other listing that is used.

    There are folk here being told by their TT that they're riding through a field that's been a road for years. This I guess could just be down the the local source of mapping data not sharing.
  • Rodger_MilnerRodger_Milner Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    Thanks Tiger. This still doesn't really explain why the information on the present version has been downgraded though. These points were present before. Do we have to re-invent the wheel with every iteration? Why do you need a subscription to be included in a map? It's not an advert, it a data bank! Or is Tom Tom trying to earn at both ends?
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