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I have questions.

Will the new go discover 7 inch link to my tomtom account allowing me to use the routes I have created (the tomtom app wont do this)

When will the units be at uk retailers (halfords etc) so I can "have a play " with the unit and see if its worth upgrading from my Go6200.

Does the new Go discover use the same mount as the current Go6200 as I use the device in several vehicles and tend not to move the mount with it ?

Will you be updating the motorbike tomtom (rider) in a simular fashion with a 6 model ?


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    (Snip) The Hardware on the GO Discover is quite different and so the software for this model is designed differently. Especially because the device supports NDS maps(weekly updates). The software won't be compatible to work on the GO PREMIUM.

    The mount sizes for the 5" and 6" should be the same, but the GO Discover requires a different charging cable(Higher power requirement) The official answer would be- not to use the same mounts.

    The mount for the 7" model is a completely new design considering the weight of the device (Snip)....


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    So can any routes created on my drive connect be transferred to the go discover ?