Problem with Carminat TomTom renault megane you cannot use this map

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Pozz, I'm new here and I have a question so I hope you know how to offer me an answer or a solution. In the renault megane I have Carminat TomTom navigation. Until 24.01. are maps and everything worked normally. I updated the SD card and now the following text appears on my screen: "Folder problem. You cannot use this card on this device: Europe_East- 100877". Do you have a solution? I made a backup SD card on my laptop in case something doesn’t happen. According to the files on the map, there is a Europe East map, but it does not find or recognize it on the navigation, I have no idea, the text "Switch to Europe East maps" is constantly flashing. Thanks in advance for the reply.

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    Hi @Nina_Ačkar0

    Welcome to the community! The map has been activated for your device. Please remove the existing map first and download a fresh version offered as a download in TomTm HOME.

    This map should get your device back to working condition, however, the version is really old and might be missing several road changes over the years.

    If you wish to update the maps then you need to have an active subscription for map update services, you can order it on our webshop

    For the best navigation experience, TomTom advises driving with the latest maps....

    Thanks, Vikram