Another battery issue on a cardio spark 2 music, or is it software updates?

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I have a FIVE! year old tomtom cardio 2 with music, and I've recently the battery life is very poor. Charges ok but even on minimal settings I can't do more than a 25 min run with everything working (tracking and music.) I've changed the battery, done several factory resets and it's charging but doesn't seem to get to more than 2/3 full and discharges very quickly. Some have suggested its an update issue with the latest update, is there anyway to skip back to the update before?
I've read a few other posts relating to this and just wondering if there is anything else to do before I give up and go buy a forerunner! It's been a good watch and I like using stuff till it is really definately not fixable!!


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    They stopped doing any updates or rollbacks several years ago after TT Sports went out of business. If a factory reset does not fix it, it is a depleted battery and you can either replace it again or get a new watch. There are plenty of brands out there with better feature sets for less money these days..