How do I put music on my watch?

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Hi, how do I put music on my watch? He can now only play 1 song, which was already on it. But I have no option, for example, Spotify on it.

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    The watch does not support Spotify or any other streaming service, even offline tracks. The watch does not support files with DRM of any type. This includes offline tracks from Apple Music and Spotify. Sports Connect will not count any DRM tracks as part of a playlist, so if all the tracks in a playlist are DRM then the playlist will not be shown at all.

    The Sports Connect application talks to Windows Media Player and iTunes (if they are installed) to query the playlists you have created (you cannot upload individual files; they need to be organized into playlists)[/b]. These playlists are then listed when you connect your watch. To make it easier to load them, give the playlists distinctive names like "My Spark Playlist" or something similar so they are easier to find. You then use Sports Connect to copy the playlists you want to the watch. In iTunes & WMP you need to create playlists (the watch only plays playlists, not individual files as there is no folder system on the watch). Once you have the playlists created, dock the watch and hit the music note button on the Connect interface, which will take you to the Music screen where it will list all playlists on the computer. When you see the one you want to load, click on it to add it to the watch. Make sure the tracks are in the right format. If tracks are not in an acceptable format they will not play, nor will the playlists they are in.

    Sample rate: 16KHz to 48KHz
    Bit rate: 8 kbps to 320 kbps
    Mono/stereo channels and joint stereo.
    Artist, track title and length are displayed for the following languages: English, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish and Swedish. Other languages may display correctly if the only used characters available in a supported language.

    MPEG2 and MPEG4 AAC-LC and HE-AACv2 are supported.
    Sample rate: up to 48KHz
    Bit rate: up to 320 kbps
    Mono/stereo/dual mono are supported.
    Artist, track title and length for AAC is not supported.
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    As everyone is aware, Spotify has songs in the format of OGG Vorbis. A format that is actually not that popular and quite uncommon. In addition to this, Spotify songs are with DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection which made it harder for some to play its songs outside the Spotify application. So if you wanted to have those songs played on your Apple watch, there would be a need for two things.

    1Remove the mentioned DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection.
    2.Convert your Spotify songs to a more known and used format, MP3.

    The best tool you can use to be able to achieve the above is by using this DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter.

    If you want to know how to play Spotify music on Apple Watch, you can refer to this article, which is very detailed.