SD card accidentally please!

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HI. I recently brought a Vauxhall Vivaro 2011 plate with built in sat nav system. I was advised to safely remove the SD card from the satnav and check for updates. I installed the TomTom apps and clicked on get updates. It would then ask me to connect the navigation device, I put the SD card in and it just always says nav device not connected. I followed the troubleshooting guides on the TomTom website and at one point it said to reinstall the software. It wiped the SD card. Although the van is a Vauxhall, the satnav says Renault on the screen on startup and the SD card itself has Renault on it too. So now I have a blank SD card and it says no maps found when put back in the satnav, it was working fine before all this. I tried contacting Vauxhall but they were unable to help. I hope someone can please help me! Thanks in advance!