Wrong current location on TomTom Carminat

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So my I have a renault master 14 plate for work with a carminat tomtom built in. It has now decided to show my current location about 15 miles away. I have taken the Sd card out (correctly) and done an update for a gps fix but its still the same. I have factory reset and its still the same.. Anyone else having or had the same problem and managed to fix it???


  • rider1rider
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    the gps receiver can be faulty. a chip inside the device that tracks the location.
  • pne21
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    Strange as my father in law also has a tom tom in his van and his is showing him to be in Manchester 40 miles away!!! Surely they both cant have gone at the same time.. I was using mine then the following day it was saying my location was where I had last been
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    hi did you fix this problem my mastr has also done this in the last 7-10 days?
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    Did this ever get answered, our Renault Master is doing the same thing