Stuck on screen with red cross

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My Go Essential 6 is stuck on a screen with a red cross when I connect it to my computer connect try's to repair it but fails. The support video say's that it needs to be on the revolving cogwheel screen before connecting cable but no matter how quick or slow I press 3 times I can't get it on to that screen. What am I doing wrong or does the device need to go back to TT for repair as it's less then 12 months old.


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    I've had the same problem for the last 3 weeks mate, I've tried everything but it just goes from the TomTom boot screen to the pc connected to the nav screen with the x and exclamation mark.
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    Yeah and trying to speak to someone to resolve it is not easy
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    Hi @Computerkid

    We are not offering support over the phone. You can contact our customer service using LIVE chat or by sending an email.

    More information available here-

    Thanks, Vikram