Start25 and map update V10.60 (Europe)

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I need help to get a map back onto my Start25 since it got broken while the last update procedure with MyDriveConnect.
I tried to follow the topics here in the forum (factory reset the Start25, delete cache folder in PC) but I'm still running into the same error while the update procedure.
On the Start25 the error is "An error occurred" and on the MyDriveConnect the error is "Some elements did not update"...
Since I followed basically all the recommendations here I need now further assistance.

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  • Lochfrass
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    Have you enough free memory?
    Maybe the Support can help you.
    How to contact them see:
  • Marc_Sch
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    I've 6901 MB on the device available and I additionally tried to install on the SD-Card where I've 60951 MB free space...

    To contact the support is not really user friendly.
    The Chat-Bot is just referencing to the usual topics which I all tried before already.
    I'm at a point where I need a support contact/specialist...