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HI i have connected my 6250 to Bluetooth on my iPhone 11(its on iOS 14) but within minutes it becomes disconnected from the my drive app so I'm unable to get messages on my 6250. i have removed and reinstalled the my drive app, reset iPhone and reset my 6250. does anyone know how to fix this problem?


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    Hi @Bluetoothnogood

    With the introduction of IOS13 and later updates Apple included a security setting that prevents the Tomtom MyDrive App from providing the messaging facility it was designed to provide. You should now ignore the syncing of the My Drive App during the Bluetooth pairing process but ensure that you have the Personal Hotspot settings set to On during the Bluetooth pairing process and afterwards.

    This issue with IOS13 etc means that messaging is not available on the TT device but it will stay linked for Traffic and Handsfree. If you do not have the Personal Hotspot set as On whilst Bluetooth Connected to the unit the connection will not be maintained. You could note that you will never be asked for the Personal Hotspot password and it should not show as connected to the TT units Wifi.

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    Hi, thanks very much for you very prompt reply, I have only recently purchased the 6250 and one of the main reasons for choosing this was to be able to receive messages on my tomtom.i wonder if I'm able to get a refund? as it doesn't do what the unit is advertised as being able to do.