Dartford tunnels HGV height limit wrong route calculations

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Hi all, well its been now a few month from the last map update in tomtom go 6250, and his worse calculation route under 5 meters or 16.6 feet, no any route is calculated through the Dartford tunnels under the maximum limit, only routes with a height under 4.7meters or 15.4 are calculated for the left tunnel in Dartford crossing, the limit for this tunnel even is 15.9, I wonder if TomTom is aware of this and how long will have his reputation as the best navigator damaged and lost the trust of the customers, who knows if there is any other worst issue in other tunnels, for example no recognise it and calculate under a low bridge, I always keep an eye an that anyway, but who knows who don't do. Come on tomtom we are professionals here, could you please take a look on that, thanks.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @fgvieites

    Tomtom have been made aware of this issue and it is hoped that the problem will be sorted by the next Map update which is due shortly.