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21 days still no delivery of Premium X or the replacement order different lies each day on webchat

As the subject line says ordered new premium x as you offered me a huge loyalty discount on a new sat nav whilst I was updating my old but working one on 3rd of January order 410842224 followed the tracking daily 1ZW79F486815349702 appeared at local UPS depot in Southampton remained "in transit" for a few days and then for the next week kept saying it was out for delivery as each day drew to a close the tracking changed to delivery for the following day but there was no sign of it. I contacted UPS who started a parcel search and rang back after a couple of days saying it was lost and i needed to contact TomTom and that is where the bullsh*t starts on a daily basis. Every single day since i have spent up to half an hour in webchat with various so called customer services staff First few days the main answer was give it a few more days its out for delivery despite me cutting and pasting an email from UPS saying it was lost. Eventually a gentleman named Erik told me he had spoken to the order team who agreed it was lost and the would ship a new one and he would contact me following day. that never happened so onto webchat again to someone new to be told Erik had not arranged a new delivery to be sent and they would now contact the order team and they would call me back later that day. it never happened, Another couple of days i try webchat again and speak to someone who basically say they will arrange replacement and message me back. I didn't hold much hope. Following fay amazingly they message me saying they placed a new order 410912664 had been sent out and be with me in in 3 to 5 days ..... wow we getting somewhere so i thought ....... I asked for a tracking number and got told that takes a couple of days to generate. I also queried why the new order did not show on my account and her reply was as she had signed in as a guest it wouldn't show up. Two days later i get an email from same lady with a tracking number but its actually the old tracking number for the lost parcel. !! I reply to her message and she apologises says she send me correct tracking number. Following day a new message arrives but still got same "old" tracking number FFS !!! Since i have webc hatted to 3 different people none of which can give me a tracking number and two say NO replacement order has been sent !!

Over the years ive had over 11 different TomTom personally not counting how many I've ordered for my drivers from online retailers surely buying from the manufacturer should be easy .....You've had my money for nearly a month and no sign of any delivery or any truth. I've lost all faith in the company and its customer service and a previous poster said to me the lack of response from Tomtom suggests of "company going out of business". Is there any chance that a representative of Tomtom will respond to me and tell me the truth and will I get my order?


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,937
    Hi @Solitary-Trucker

    Tomtom have been indicating that there is an issue with arranging deliveries to the UK since you know when. Maybe one of the Mods can get an update on the situation re arranging deliveries to the UK.

  • Solitary-TruckerSolitary-Trucker Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
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    Hi @DougLap

    I fully understand the delays as a result of covid and Brexit and I guess i was fully expecting delays of maybe a week or possibly two but to track it to Southampton then for it to vanish and then a supposed replacement to also vanish and no one to be unable to provide tracking details or even confirm a replacement has been despatched especially when I get a completely different story every day from each different web chat. I think it would make most people suspicious more so when other electronic goods from Holland arrived via DPD within two days and other from Italy in 4 !!
  • skull66skull66 Posts: 47 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Hi @Solitary-Trucker got the email today telling my order has shipped with UPS, will let you know how it goes.
  • skull66skull66 Posts: 47 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Hi @Solitary-Trucker my Go Premium X arrived today, hope yours turns up soon.
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