Sync between iPad and TomTom GO App on my iPhone

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I recently purchased an iPad . I have TomTom GO on my iPhone and also on my new iPad if I plan a route on my iPad will my iPhone pick it up?


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    No, no synchronization between the 2 devices.
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    DougLap wrote: »
    Hi @Hellletsgo

    The ability to create routes in MyDrive and send to your devices is not currently available with the Tomtom GO App. One side effect of that facility is that if you create a route on a device it will also be sent to any other unit on the same account that was logged into MyDrive.

    Tomtom have said that they are working on resolving the issues that arise because of the different Maps used in MyDrive and the App. Once sorted they hope to be able to introduce the MyDrive/GO App syncing facility so keep an eye out


    That's really nonsense from Tom Tom. All they have to do is transferring a route consisting of Waypoints. The underlying map should not matter.