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Just discovered, when trying to update, that map updates are now charged. Searched web and read that Tom Tom reneged on that sales pitch! Choice magazine Australia and Australian consumer affairs sites are interesting reads. Does anyone know if Tom Tom will honour such an agreement to those that purchased under such terms? If not then I guess google maps on a phone have won the race! I will then look around for a different provider for overseas travel, when it starts again. Such misleading marketing would send me and family members, away from the product forever.


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    Hi @brentmc

    Tomtom have not abandoned “Lifetime Map Updates” to the extent that currently those models that Tomtom have declared obsolete and so no longer supported but were sold with “Lifetime Map Updates” are still being offered Map Updates. This policy was stated by one of the Tomtom Mods on this forum some time ago. Generally with the obsolete models memory availability is the issue particularly with Maps getting ever bigger. In this case Tomtom are offering Zonal Mapping to enable users to be able to fit Maps that meet their needs on the old units.

    I think there has been discussions in Oceania that using the term Lifetime has been interpreted as meaning the users lifetime rather than the units lifetime. 😂😂. As a result it appears that the use of the word Lifetime has been dropped. It should also be noted that units are now showing a date against maps however anyone raising when reached the expiry date has had their maps lifetime significantly extended by the Mods here and continued to receive updates.

    So if you have a unit that was sold with lifetime map updates and they are no longer being offered then I suggest you indicate what model you have here and then hopefully it will be picked up by one of the mods and sorted if appropriate.

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