Can Bluetooth fail after a Map update be fixed?

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After an excessively difficult map update, my TomTom no longer can find a Bluetooth phone connection that it could find before. Is there any hope, or is the SatNav now an updated brick?


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    Hi @Lost_Sole
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    Did you try a soft reset, already?

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    Seemingly, the problem was not with the TomTom, but the phone.

    I had tried re-setting things, I had tried plugging things in an out, and none of it helped.

    What I had overlooked was that while I was doing a major update on the TomTom and there were enough problems with getting the TomTom started again after that, I had also done a minor update to the phone (Honor S8).

    So, of course, it was the update to the phone that stopped it/bluetooth being discoverable.

    I only realised, after a lot (and I really mean that) of messing about, I got the TomTom to discover neighbours phones, and not mine. If it hadn't been for that I'd still be trying to find a problem with the TomTom.

    All that said, the new TomTom software is a step backwards in some small ways for usability.

    Anyway, thanks for your concern.
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    Just in case anyone else has the same problem, I did eventually get it working again. I followed the instructions here,.

    (An 8S is and isn't an Android phone - It has Huawei's modified version of Android, which should be similar to unmolested Android...but, who knows?)

    I would assume that these instructions, while a bit clunkily written, would eventually turn out to work for other Android phones..

    I had to do several additional things at the end:
    • I had to ignore the fact that it was sometimes able to find neighbour's phones and sometimes able to find the TomTom...just delete all, until successful.
    • It then paired (from TomTom Services > Traffic), but quite slowly
    • When it seemed connected (it was never totally stable, so you have to be careful when exactly you go) return to the main screen
    At that point, traffic should be active (the car symbol no longer has a cross against it)