My street line work is incorrect. Can you please help me fix it?

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You have my street Oaktree Ln Hot Springs AR drawn as a circle drive and it is not. I think Amazon delivery service is using your map product and they keep driving up to my dead-end driveway and turning around in my yard. They think my road is a loop and that they can use the loop to get back to the main street Oak Creek Dr without having to turn their vans around. This has happened about 15-20 times now in the last 2 months. Please help as they are destroying my yard. Attached are two images to show the problem and the fix. 782y4syuho6m.png


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    Is this forum the place for this question or is there a [email protected] email or 1800 support number for this question? I couldn't find it but found this forum instead?
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    Hi @Jeff_Winter501

    There is no phone line Customer Support facility as a result of the Covid situation and many working from home. To get map changes sorted you need to use the Tomtom Mapshare website to submit requests.

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    Apparently, I already tried to fix this. When I go to mapshare:
    I see this map and the green triangle note indicates that the map has been marked up by me in the recent past. I have worked with Google, Apple, and Here to fix their maps and maybe your maps are incorporated in there somewhere? Anyways the fix on mapshare would make what I snapped and printed earlier from TomTom Go on my iPhone correct by removing the loop shown in that screenshot from my previous post. Does this make any sense? One of the Amazon drivers had a Motorola app that seemed to be from "MapsNow" that they showed me to get lost in my driveway. I'm confused on where to go to get them to stop. I also have an email chain going with their customer support, but if GPS keeps sending them my way it is not going to likely stop.
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    Hi, @Jeff_Winter501

    TomTom often updates their Online Maps quite efficiently - however, it takes them a very long time to update their Sat-Nav Maps!

    TomTom tend to suggest that it can take up to 6 months, after they have confirmed/agreed a change, for the update to be issued to the Sat-Navs - personally I think they sometimes take a bit longer!