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Voice search on CarPlay- deal breaker ?

I drive a lot for my work and having a search while moving is absolutely critical and I keep having to go to another app. Is this a dealbreaker for anyone else? Developers- is this feature in development? Otherwise love the app! Thanks!


  • RicoKRicoK Posts: 156 [Supreme Navigator]
    @Feckweed405 As far as I know, yes, this feature is still in development, because when you ask for it, this is the same answer over and over again. However, it is in development for months now. This is and for more is exactly the reason why I am using Waze now for almost half a year now. And I am a Happy Wazer. With less then 2 months my subscription with TomTom ends. For now, I do not extend it! I will stick with Waze ;)
  • Feckweed405Feckweed405 Posts: 39 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Thanks for the information @RicoK! ! I typically switch to Waze too! I’d love to use just one app and like TT interface much better, especially when I’m in unfamiliar areas , but I can’t just pull over, put the car in park then search. Even old Sygic has it (though in classic Sygic form it’s a little janky). Hopefully soon!!!
  • RicoKRicoK Posts: 156 [Supreme Navigator]
    @Feckweed405 As I mentioned, it is taking months now and I do not expect the desired update within a short timeframe :'(

    @lampard @Jürgen @DougLap Any news yet?? When can the next update of CarPlay be expected?
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,265
    Hi @RicoK

    Just for the record I am a User of Tomtom like you not an employee. I am sure Voice Search will be one of the items on the Tomtom's development list for the App.

  • RicoKRicoK Posts: 156 [Supreme Navigator]
    Hello @DougLap yes, I forgot ;)
  • Feckweed405Feckweed405 Posts: 39 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Thanks all! I am hoping this is top priorilty but I will take your advice @RicoK and be surprised when it happens vs expecting it, especially quickly.
  • Feckweed405Feckweed405 Posts: 39 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Thanksj @RicoK , I really hope this comes to fruition soon!
  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,394 Moderator
    Hi @Feckweed405

    Welcome to the Community! I'm not sure if the team already has this on the roadmap but I'll forward it as a feature request.

    Thanks, lampard
  • RicoKRicoK Posts: 156 [Supreme Navigator]
    @lampard Sorry, but really?!? In July 2020 I already mentioned/asked for it see my topic.
    Apple CarPlay IS voice-based!!
  • Feckweed405Feckweed405 Posts: 39 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Thanks so much @lampard! I will definitely be patient and can’t wait to see what the next update brings!
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