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I am not sure how to get through to someone in TomTom Team I felt this is the only option I can convey my message to them.I placed an order 9 days ago with 2 to 3 days delivery option and till now I received no communication from TomTom and I been trying to get through to them on different numbers but they are making corona an excuse and not bothering to come on the phone and I also sent them few emails to ask where is my order but no response at all I also left offline messages too Now I am seriously thinking hopefully my money is not wanted. If anyone in the TomTom team is not sleeping pls bother to get back to me and let me know where is my order .Due to your irresponsible attitude, I started thinking TOMTOM company and staff so irresponsible and not reliable at all.After buying their product they will still give such a response like an idiot sitting and waiting for their response. Can someone bother to get back to me



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    Hi @sbusinessuk
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    Order delivery to UK is currently delayed, we also published this on our support page here- https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360018861019
    I reviewed your contact history and I see you have sent 3 emails to raise the question. Someone from our customer service team will get back to you with any updates.

    Regards, Vikram
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    I Placed my order and You guys are so quick to take payment and according to my order delivery time was 2 days but it is more than 2 weeks almost three weeks now and there is no sign of order a week ago I raised request I been told you will get your order information before last week and but I received no response from you at all and You guys making an excuse of corona and also no one available to answer phone at all . Looks like your most effected by corona and Brexit can some one bother to reply and let me know when I will be getting my order