WIFI icon GO BASIC shows authentication problem

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i have created a hot spot using my iphone
when i try to connect to tomtom it appears to go through all the motions then the wifi icon on tom tom shows authentication problem and a small lock icon


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    Hi there mitch1231 -

    Are you trying to connect your Go Basic to receive traffic data? You don’t need to use the WiFi hotspot.
    Here is an excerpt posted by JURES (another forum contributor) as a temporary fix for iPhones using iOS 13+ operating systems end of January 2020 onwards -

    If you pair the gps with your iPhone WITHOUT the MyDrive app, traffic works flawlessly - perfectly!
    You can even install the MyDrive app afterwards and use it for routing - but -
    JUST DON’T PAIR your gps with the MyDrive app!!!
    Traffic will still work, MyDrive routing will work, the only thing that does not work will be smartphone features (calls/sms) but thats not important if using a motorbike.

    Traffic and MyDrive under iOS 13+ works!!!!!
    1. - Delete the MyDrive app on your iPhone
    2. - Delete old Bluetooth pairings of the gps on your iPhone
    3. - Connect the gps to your iPhone over Bluetooth under standard way
    4. - Install the MyDrive app
    5. - DO NOT pair your gps via the MyDrive app
    6. - Have personal hotspot on iPhone turned ON just for *Bluetooth and USB Only*
    - DO NOT pair gps with WiFi of this personal hotspot and make sure WiFi is turned off on your iPhone.


    The problem lies within the MyDrive app (pairing through the app).

    ~Kieron adds~

    Apple had introduced new Bluetooth security permissions from iOS 13 and TomTom would have needed to modify their app to make the two separate Bluetooth connections work effectively for traffic data and calls/texts.

    Essentially, also using the *Bluetooth and USB Only* pairing hotspot in your iPhone settings will be required for the stable connection and has less of a drain on your phone’s battery compared to the WiFi hotspot setting.

    As JURES (the original contributor of this temporary fix) had explained, you can
    re-install the MyDrive app onto your phone, sign in to it and use it for routing to send to your devices, but just don’t pair the Bluetooth within the app to your gps.
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    Welcome to the site...
    A few Tips using Apple iPhone iOS 13 & 14 & Tomtom devices....

    There's an unresolved problem with the Apple iPhone iOS 13 & 14 and the and the MyDrive App's advanced Smartphone features... If you can live without the bells & whistles of the MyDrive App...
    Just use a straight simple Bluetooth Connection....

    MyDrive App
    If you have already installed the MyDrive App on your iPhone....
    You will need to forget the Bluetooth Connection on the Phone....
    Go to Setting --> Bluetooth... Select the MyDrive App --> Forget this Device & Confirm Forget this Device....

    If you wish to install/use the MyDrive App
    DO NOT Connect Your iPhone to the MyDrive App over Bluetooth....
    Traffic will still work... MyDrive Route planning will work
    the only thing that does not work will be smartphone features....

    Setting up the Phone....
    (1)... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Bluetooth... Tap 'Add Phone'
    (2)... Scroll the screen to display the Question mark Icon ( ? ) Screen bottom right... Note... If the Question mark Icon ( ? ) is not displayed, scroll the screen up
    (3)... Tap on the ( ? ) Question mark Icon....
    (4)... Tap on... Not interested in all of these features
    Connect without the MyDrive App

    (5)... Open Personal Hotspot in the iPhone Settings menu and turn it On.
    (6)... Follow the on screen instructions... To connect over basic Bluetooth....
    Note... If the Tomtom device is not displaying for Bluetooth connection on the iPhone... Turn Bluetooth OFF and back ON....
    (7)... Select the named Tomtom device when it appears on the iPhone's Bluetooth screen (Towards the bottom of the screen)
    (8)... Tap and Agree the Bluetooth Pairing numbers on the iPhone and Tomtom device.
    (9)... You may be asked on iPhone for permission to allow Contacts & Favorites to sync with your Tomtom Device... Select if required
    10... On the Tomtom device a new window opens.... Select which phone features to use....
    Note... If you get the Screen shown below....
    Tap the Back Button ( < ) to return to the screen to select which phone features to use....


    Be Aware....
    On the Live Devices (Built-in GPRS SIM)....
    If you turn Data for Traffic & other services 'ON'.....
    The Bluetooth/Phone Connection can take priority over the Live GPRS SIM see Example (1) Below....

    Example (1)... The GO Premium... (Data Connection over GPRS SIM)
    Data for Traffic & other services in the Settings Menu.... Turned 'OFF'
    The GO Premium... (Data Connection over GPRS SIM)
    Data for Traffic & other services in the Settings Menu.... Turned 'OFF'


    To check GPRS SIM status... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> System --> About.... Scroll Down....

    For the GO Premium Data Connection GPRS SIM...
    With Data for Traffic & other services.... Turned 'ON'


    Example (2)... The GO 520... (Using a straight simple Bluetooth Connection)
    Data Connection over iPhone (NO Built-in GPRS SIM)....
    The GO 520... Using a straight simple Bluetooth Connection....
    Data Connection over iPhone (NO Built-in GPRS SIM)....

    Hands-free Calls and Data for Traffic & other services.... Turned 'ON'

    Traffic & Seed Cams... Activated

    Data Connection... Bluetooth/Phone

    For more Info... See Posts by @jures @kieron & @DougLap
    Here... https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/comment/1727080/#Comment_1727080

    Stay Safe ATB YFM