Temperature in Winter time

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Hello there. Since I'm freezing my n*ts off here in Finland - I have a question; How cold can it be whilst okay to use your navigator 24/7 without removing it from your car? I mean I know the temperature range told in user manual but this is the first winter I've been using mine all winter now and couple of days ago it was at least -15°C during daytime and probably more at night.

However, I do use a pre-heater that warms not only the engine but also inside of the car. So when I'll start the car/navigator the inside temperature is a lot warmer than outside temp. At night though temp might be anything between 0°C to -15-25°C.


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    its better to carry the device home if the temperatures are going below 0.
    cold temperature in the car when not in use going below 0 degrees can impact the battery performance in the long run
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    Yeah... I actually agree 100% on that. So far there's been no problems but I guess I'll start taking it off again :/

    I'm not sure though what kind of battery issues there would be since my navigator is plugged in all the time. When car starts, navigator gets power and vice versa. I definitely wouldn't recommend leaving it in very cold temperatures over night (more than -15°C).