Update Australian maps for Alfa stelvio

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Can I buy updated Australian maps for an Alfa inbuilt system. These update maps are available free for Europe and USA online through mopar but dealer says tomtom maps have not been updated since 2018 and to use android auto or Apple carcare as a work around.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Geoffbt

    I assume you mean AppleCarPlay. If you have an Apple phone which along with your Car supports Apple CarPlay then you can use the Tomtom GO Navigation App. This will give you a very similar experience to having a Tomtom PND unit and the Maps available are updated weekly.

    Regarding Android Auto this has until recently been restricted to Google Navigation Apps. However Google have indicated they are allowing the facility to be available to others like Tomtom who are currently working on releasing an update of their Android GO Nav App that works with Android Auto. Again the TT Android App has weekly Map updates and provides a similar experience to a TT PND unit.

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    Thanks Doug for explanation