How do I navigate to a lat/long coordinate using GO 6200?

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Using GO 6200, how do i navigate to a lat/long coordinate without using a route suggestion from the device?

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    Thank-you, very useful to a novice to TomTom. I have to string a few tortuous routes together through Spain and France for a group of classic car owners later this year.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @GrahamPF

    Dont now if this might be o interest to you but there is an App called Mapcodes that works on phones and there is a Mapcode website . Mapcodes were developed by Tomtom years ago and work worldwide. You can identify a Mapcode for a position that is capable of identifying a Parking Bay in a Car park. Be aware that the Mapcodes only work on Tomtom units but are more accurate than Postcodes and shorter than Long/Lat

    For example if you are in the UK and input DH.FX in search on your GO6200 and accept the result you will get a route to the middle gate at the front of Buckingham Palace. The App when in the Map is in Hybrid mode gives a similar view to that you see in Google Erath so you can move around the map and find the exact building or entrance for example and pinpoint it with a Mapcode.