How reliable are the speed limits displayed on the TomTom?

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I reported a change in speed limits on several roads surrounding my village for 60mph to 50mph 5 years ago. and again 3 years ago. The TomTom which is regularly updated , still shows them as 60mph. If this is typical it makes the displays worse than useless and an invitation to be caught by a mobile camera?


  • John-Jay
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    I have given up trying to report Speed Limit Updates, to TomTom, since they don't seem to take any notice!
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    I'm sure the accuracy of TomTom speed limits has got unreliable over the last year. Very annoying that CarPlay alarms that I've gone over the limit as TomTom thinks its 40mph when the road is actually 60mph. The car reads the road signs so not an issue with the built in SatNav, but I prefer TomTom.

    I've reported several but these are ignored.