How to resolve pairing issues of TomTom Touch with Sports App (Android 10)?

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Tried several times to pair TomTom Touch Activity Tracker with Android 10 smartphone running TomTom Sports. So far I
- reset TomTom Activity Tracker to baseline configuration,
- uninstalled and reinstalled TomTom Sport on Android 10 smartphone,
- followed closely instructions to pair the device.
I made two observations
1. At first instance the App recognizes the Tracker and a pairing code is shown on the TomTom Activity Tracker, however, there is no correspondent request to enter this pairing code on the mobile but the TomTom App instead straightaway asks to pair the device or to decline pairing. This is odd. When ansering yes, the App replies that the pairing codes was wrong which makes sense because one wasn't promted to enter the pairing code.
2. After making observation 1 the TomTom Sports App is not able to recognise the Touch Activity Tracker at all.
Any hints to solve this issue are appreciated.