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Hello friends,
What map programs (phone or pc) do you guys use for navigating?
    I've heard of Topo maps+, Gaia GPS, and Back Country Navigator; however, I haven't tried any to appreciate the differences between them. I was thinking of using one of these programs (unless someone here can recommend something better) with a backup paper map and compass while hiking.
One of my concerns about using any app is if it would stop working if it hasn't been updated in a while (say, several months). Is this a valid concern with any of these apps?


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    I use MRA Gold ( mostly for creating routes.
    I like te fact that you can switch maps (TomTom, Here and OSM) and combine them with many overlay's like Michelin or statelite.
    Also easy to display multiple Routes an tracks on the same map.
    And Street View integration to checkout roads and places.

    For navigation on the bike I stick with TomTom.
    • Best traffic information.
    • Very good speed cam alerts.
    • I like how the route is displayed om the screen.
    • Nice voice for navigation instructions.
    • Good and fast recalculation.
    • Good maps.
    • easy to use.

    I also owned a Garmin Zumo XT but did not like it. Manny bugs and a
    cumbersome to use. Bad and slow recalculation. Slower than the Rider 550.
    The only three plus points are. The screen (brightness + size), the ability to display the original track an the ability to load GPX files from your phone.

    I also use Kurviger and OsmAnd+ apps as a second screen on my phone, they lack most of the good points from the TT Rider above.
    What I like in this apps;
    • Ability to use it Off-Road
    • Ability to Display the original track as a underlay.
    • Ability to Display the route/track direction (small arrows)
    • Very detailed maps (more routing errors then TomTom)
    • Ability to Zoom using a small remote control. (I have a small DIY BT remote on my bike with a Zoom in and Zoom out button) (using volume up and down to do this)