Home and work position from map

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Please add the option to mark Home and Work position from the map. Actually, I can only add the exists address Home or Work.


  • VikramK
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    Thanks, @bodogo3
    I will put this on my list of 'Feature Requests' to be forwarded to our Apps team.

    Regards, Vikram
  • ml138
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    Home and work locations can be added from the map with a workaround (tested v-7.403.0). Drop the pin to desired location, then press Save and name it temporarily for example 'X'. Then select location X either on the map or via My Places, start the navigation (Route>Go) and then stop the navigation (End route). This way your location X ends up on the 'recent destinations' list. Now go to My Places, edit either HOME or WORK, select 'X' from recent destinations and save. Place coordinates are now attached to your HOME or WORK selection and you can safely delete location X from My Places. Repeat the process for your other location, if needed.
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    I have had about a 5-6 different tomtoms they did have that option before, I dont know why they didnt keep it. After my new tomtom not only sent me to the wrong address, I had to use google maps to get me there. I tried the drop pin idea(not as described by ml138 above, but will try later). My first trip somewhere I tried using the record feature which did got me back. Not sure from there how i added this place to home, but I did. TomToms used to be so easy to use, now they are a nightmare. I am in a new state very frustrated. This unit shut down on the way to a destination, only to restart, 20-25 minutes later I realized TomTom decided on its own that it wanted me to go back home. Wasted 2 hours of driving! Should I go on about connection between it and my phone? How about the phone app itself only sending destination to the phone? Good app if used by itself, by why have a planning feature and an ability to connect to the tomtom without the ability to send the "route" you want to take?
    Sorry, ranting, was looking for the general, lack of, feedback option discussion. Hopefully, some of this gets fixed before I have to switch!