What is the best way to roads that are the wrong type?

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I have noticed several roads in my area that have obviously wrong road types. I know that I need to report them under Other in MapShare, but I don't know what to call each of the road types. I have included an image where I assigned labels to all of the road types I am interested in, ranging from 0 for dead-end/no-through-traffic streets to 7 for freeways, and I would like to know what TomTom calls each of these types so that I can better specify them in reports. For instance, if I see a road with type 5 that should be 3, or a road with type 2 that should be 4, how do I specify this beyond just saying that it's wrong?
(Note: I generally drive in the Metro Vancouver area in BC, Canada. The image is of Saanich because it was the only place I could find all of the road types in a small area.)


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    I don't have a Tom Tom sat nav, but am trying to contact as many sat nav providers to alert them to the fact that our driveway is not a through road! Any ideas how I do this please?
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    Hi, you can use the online MapShare Reporter tool.