Smart Connect SD problem

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Hi I've just bought a Smart which include Tom Tom Europe SD card, today I downloaded the Smart Connect App for Macintosh and try to update my SD, but when connect the card seems corrupted, going back into the car and the SD works perfectly, coming back to my laptop and same issues SD card corrupted.
Is there a way to fix it? Thanks


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Bob_

    Welcome to the community! Honestly, I don't have any troubleshooting steps to advise to solve the issue. Could you try connecting it on a different computer probably Windows and check if it works?

    Thanks, Vikram
  • Bob_
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    Hi @VikramK thanks for your answer, I don't have a Windows laptop, the only things that I could add is that both my macbook (one with Catalina OS and the other with Big Sur OS) recognize the SD but seems empty and NO NAME as label. The Smart Connect App suggest to reinsert the SD into the car, so I come back to my Smart, plug it into the reader the App starts (after a while cause seems to "download" again the Maps).
    Is there any other advice you could suggest? I don't think that Windows is the only solution. Other thing is it possible to clone the SD in case I lost the original one? Thanks
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    I am having a similar problem... I take out the SD card and plug it into the computer and the smart media connect app just keeps saying our "servers are very busy right now"... I've tried over two days... I am starting to think it is not necessarily a server problem anymore...? Anyone have any insight? My goal is to update my 2016 smart car software.
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    Seems to be a major issue with TomToms servers, updating using smart media connect has not worked for months. TomTom are aware but prefer to keep us all in the dark.
    Your only option to update your system is to go to a main dealer website and download an update which you can use to update your Sat Nav using a USB stick. I used the following website