Sound on GO Navigation for iPhone

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I've just installed the App in my iPhone SE. It's working but I can't get voice guidance to work. Any help please?


  • devergee
    devergee Registered Users Posts: 2
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    Thanks. The latest version of the App has a more obvious Speaker icon, with three positions = Off, Alerts only and Alerts and Guidance. I have made sure I have selected the third option. However, I had my phone plugged in to the USB port of my car and it was syncing with the car's sound system. I will try it again just using the cigar lighter socket for power. If I find a solution I will post it here to help others.
  • Lipscombe
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    When plugged into you USB, you probably have to set your radio to the Media option. To play over Bluetooth, you have to enable Play Navigation As Phone Call. However, unlike other apps, I have not seen this option in TTGo. However, I just installed the app for a trial and an only going over the settings right now.