New out of the box Runner 2 only holds its charge for 5 hours

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Hi everyone, I recently bought a Runner 2 in the hopes of combining heart rate, music and GPS functions without relying on my mobile. Sadly after charging it over night and unplugging it the next morning I found that only 5 hours later ( it had been left on the night stand for an afternoon run ) the battery had depleted entirely. So I tried fully recharging it again but had the same out come. Any help you could give would be appreciated.


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    Where did you buy a Runner2 and why? It was not even the latest model and was discontinued over 3 years ago when TT Sports went out of business. It has been sitting on the shelf since then with the battery slowly degrading so it is not surprising you are not getting a full charge. You should return it to wherever you bought it and get a watch from an active brand. There are plenty of brands out there with better feature sets for less money these days.